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How green is my jersey?

We took the opportunity, along with Isadore and Velocio, to give our thoughts to @cyclist_mag on the environmental impact of making cycling kit.

With no discernible difference in performance or comfort, recycled fabrics should be the minimum standard in apparel production. There's no reason why the bigger brands can't adopt a variety of sustainable fabrics across all their ranges.

Of course, there's little point just doing a bit of classic greenwashing by introducing a "sustainable range". Or then delivering your sustainable garments in plastic bags. There has to be systemic change across the whole production and delivery process. It does take time and effort, but the bigger brands could have a big impact in all the right ways by driving up the availability of sustainable fabrics and driving down the cost.

It can't be always be left to the customer to make a choice, companies have a moral obligation to take responsibility for our impact on this planet. We hope they care enough to help protect where we ride and start to follow our lead.

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