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Ikat is a centuries old dyeing technique used to pattern textiles.
Mallorca has its own unique style, known locally as 'robes de llengües', and is the only place in Europe where it's still made. For over 150 years, the family run, artisan factory Teixits Vicens, has been producing its own striking llengües textiles and designs.⠀
Inspired by our local cultural heritage, and with their permission, we recreated one of Teixit Vicens unique arrow patterns for our Bunyola range.
This was one of our first prototypes:
After 18 months of prototypes, testing and adjusting we were ready to launch with our first Bunyola Range:
We've called this pattern "Follow Your Arrow" in reference to forging your own path, which is what we are doing at Parietti.
We want to push the boundaries of cycling apparel by combining high quality and meaningful garments with a production process that is as sustainable and responsible as possible.