Care Guide

Even though we strive to make the highest quality products at all times, caring for your clothing is a vital step in ensuring you are giving them the best opportunity to last longer.  

We’ve written a guide below to help you on your caring way: 


- Firstly, always check the label of your garment to ensure you are following the recommended procedures. 

- After a ride, hang your items to dry. This helps prevent bacteria and odours from building up and reduce the chances of damaging the material. Go for ride twice / wash one.  

- If the item is really dirty, we recommend rinsing it as soon as possible to avoid stains. Before washing, check that all pockets are empty, then close all zips, velcro, and fastenings. Turn garments inside out.  

- Always fill your washing machine to its recommended capacity. Over or under-filling the machine just makes the wash less efficient. Using a zero MicroWaste washing bag (such as a Guppyfriend) can help minimize microfibre shedding from the fabrics. 

- Wash items with similar colours to reduce the risk of colour transfer. Washing clothes at 30°C rather than higher temperatures will save around 40% of the energy used each year. Choosing a short spin cycle will further reduce water and energy consumption while still cleaning your clothes sufficiently.  

- Air dry items, please don’t use a dryer!


As a general rule: 

- Gentle machine wash at 30°C 

- Use non-bio detergent 

- Do not bleach 

- Air dry


But of course, read our care labels in each item.