Parietti is sustainable from the start, across the entire production process from design to delivery. It defines what we do and how we do it, running through absolutely every decision we make. Because how could you start a clothing brand in 2022 and not have environmental impact as your primary concern? And no, we’re not perfect but we’re trying our best and if we can do it, everyone else can too!

Cycling Circular

This is our goal and while we know we’ve got a long way to go, our starting point has been to reduce our impact across every aspect of the business. This is why we only use premium recycled sportswear fabrics that massively reduce energy and water consumption compared to standard fabrics, with no discernible difference to performance. We keep our apparel production local to the Mediterranean and use home compostable packaging.

This will be an ever-evolving, ongoing process which we always strive to improve. Leave No Trace is our guiding principle, and we recognise that reducing impact is the first step, the target is to achieve circularity. Together we can change the industry and so change the world. We’re not there yet but this is where Leave No Trace will take us. 

Ripping Yarns

Our jerseys are made using 7.2 recycled plastic bottles, a process which uses 50% less energy and 30% less water than the traditional method of extracting virgin polyester from raw, crude oil. The extracted polymer is ground into chips, then re-spun, by specialist Italian manufacturers, into lightweight, super soft, performance yarn before being weaved into our premium sportswear fabrics. The fabric is Bluesign® Approved, GRS standard and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. 


We create high-quality, long-lasting products and we encourage you to buy better and buy less. We are setting up a lifetime repair service for all garments – the same service that Patagonia uses.  For now, it will be a paid service but if we can introduce it for free in time we will.

Feed The Earthworm!

Yes, all our garment bags are worm food! Most of the supposedly compostable material is only so under industrial conditions. Ours are fully certified home compostable. Supplied by the ever brilliant Better Packaging, stick yours in your compost and watch what happens!


We are committing to Made in the Med for all our apparel. We are working with the renowned, specialist cycle and sports clothing manufacturer Petratex. They implement rigorous social, company and environmental policies. But don’t take our word for it - Let them tell you all about it. 


We have started the B Corp Impact assessment process that is the first step to application. Putting in place an impact starting point will help us to work on improvements and priorities as we grow. We will work with local conservation organisations like MAPF and Save the Med and donate a percentage of monthly sales towards key regeneration projects.  With the aim to become a major contributor to programmes around the world. It's not just protecting where we ride, but regenerating the planet for everyone.


We are working on getting fully transparent across our supply chain. So to that end, whilst we currently keep our manufacturing process local to the Med, some of our source materials do originate from other places in the world as they are not always available in Europe. We are aware that scarcity got us into this mess so moving forward we will shortly be sharing all our suppliers and manufacturers and hopefully creating a lasting change in our industry and the wider fashion world.