Born in Mallorca we weave heritage, purpose and meaning into beautiful, high quality cycle clothing.
Named after visionary Mallorcan road engineer Antonio Parietti, who designed the island's iconic routes.  Crafted in limited runs with responsibility and respect in the Mediterranean, every garment is specially made for you to set yourself free.


This is our purpose to set you free from performance pressure in your ride, free from dependency on oil and slave labour in our product (your clothes). This is our cause and we believe together we can pioneer real change in our industry, our sport and our world while always staying true to ourselves, our people and our planet.

LOOK GOOD. FEEL GOOD. DO GOOD. BE GOOD is our mantra, it’s the chainring at the heart of what we do, powering us forward towards the freedom we desire, actively leading the way to a better global future.


We consciously design our garments, with every cut, every stitch being considered and crafted to set every-body free - not just the different body shape and colouring of you, our ‘free rider’, but all the people involved in making the piece, along the whole value chain.



We are made in the med to ride around the world. Ethically and transparently creating lovingly crafted, limited edition runs of our aspirational jerseys in our factory in Portugal to ensure your freedom didn’t cost anyone theirs. Can we do better? Yes and we will be honest and transparent in our journey to becoming a business for good. Sharing and living our values and goals for a better world.


We use super soft, lightweight, breathable fabrics cut and shaped into fits and styles free from the performance pressures of race cycling. Emblazoned with meaning, inspiration and hope for you and your fellow riders, we want you to get high. To get outside, see the sky, feel the earth, breathe, smile, ride and be free. Living for and loving the ride, not the finish time.


We’re not perfect but we are determined to have a positive impact and make a realistic difference in the world. All our clothing and packaging are made with as little impact as possible. We keep all production local to the Mediterranean and are constantly striving to move the dial from a base level of sustainability to taking positive action and actively doing some good in the world.