All our orders are processed within one business day after receiving your order confirmation.   

For European customers, delivery times are around 2-4 working days from shipping notification.  

For UK customers, given the difficulties of Brexit, this may take longer. Whilst we have provided all the neccessary information required for a smooth and duty free customs clearance, packages do still get held up on occasion.  

For Worldwide customers, delivery times are up to 10 working days from shipping notification. 

Once your order has been processed, we'll send you an email with tracking details so you can follow your order. 

We use DHL for the Netherlands and DPD for the rest of Europe.

For the UK, we will also use Fedex or UPS should they be able to deliver more quickly.

Tax & Customs Duties

We want to make it as easy and painless as possible for our UK customers. It’s not easy but we have consulted with customs clearance consultants and specialists and have come up with the best possible solution we can think of, short of Britain re-joining the EU. Hey we can hope!

The first bit of good news is that by keeping all of our production local to the Mediterranean, you do not have to pay any Import Duties on any of our products. Yes, it does pay to be sustainable!  

The second piece of good news is that all our products will be sold as DDP (delivered duty paid) which means no Import VAT costs for you after purchase. We always strive to keep it simple for our customers, because we actually care. If, for some reason, you have been charged Duties, please get in touch with us via

Please note though, that we cannot pay any Tax or Customs Duties that may be required for any other countries outside of the EU. So make sure to check for any Import duties that might be applicable before you buy. We don’t want you to get any unpleasant, costly surprises!