Welcome to Mallorca. Home to famous European Cycle Routes and so much more.

There’s something special about Mallorca. It’s something about the light, the air. There’s a unique sense of clarity and freedom here. It’s an unquantifiable quality that has literally made us who we are and it’s why we’re so happy to call the island our home. And why we want to share a little bit of it with you. With its iconic roads, designed by our hero and inspiration Antonio Parietti, its varied terrain and stunning scenery, Mallorca has become an internationally renowned destination for cycle travel, attracting riders from all over the world. Whether beginner or experienced, you'll find routes tailored to your abilities, from flat coastal roads rolling out beneath your wheels to the more challenging mountain climbs waiting above.

Mallorca cycling

And that’s not all. Here are 5 more reasons we love cycling in Mallorca:

Freerider Roads: The Iconic Routes of Mallorca

Mallorca boasts an incredible network of beautiful, well-maintained roads that cater to cyclists. The infrastructure includes designated cycling lanes, wide shoulders, and smooth surfaces, ensuring a safe, free and enjoyable riding experience for all. The iconic routes of Snr. Parietti, best loved by the world's cyclists, are roads that work with nature, not against it, and seem to have been designed for today’s Freerider cyclist, providing a clear route to the freedom and adventure we all live for.

To make sure you keep riding use the official government website to check for road closures 

Gracies Toni! The Visionary Engineer behind Mallorca's Spectacular Roads

Unbelievably many of these roads were designed 100 Years ago, by that visionary Mallorcan engineer, our local hero, Antonio Parietti. He dedicated his life to creating the spectacular, sweeping routes with stunning views and breath-taking hairpins that make Mallorca the cycling destination it is today. Snr. Parietti’s Roads don’t just get you from A to B, rather they are an experience in themselves. They are Freeride personified and were the inspiration for our sustainable cycling clothing  brand.

SEE THE SKY: The incredible Natural Beauty of Mallorca

Cycling on these roads is the perfect way to experience the captivating natural beauty of Mallorca, from fantastic coastal views to beautiful countryside and heritage rich villages. Cyclists can enjoy exceptional routes with beautiful landscapes throughout their rides. We encourage you to stop, see the sky and take it all in. Get high on cycling in nature. Because in Mallorca, it’s the good stuff!

And you can always keep an eye on the weather using Windy

Are you a Freeride Cyclist?: The Mallorcan Cycling Culture

And it’s not just the roads! Mallorca has developed its own, unique and vibrant cycling culture for you to immerse yourself in. Attracting both professional teams, enthusiasts and amateurs from around the world. Everyone is welcome and all cyclists can find a supportive community, cycling-friendly accommodations, bike rental, cycling apparel and cycling shops, with services catering to all specific needs.

Gran Fondo: The Unforgettable Mallorca Cycling Experience

And nowhere is this unique cycling culture more evident than at the Mallorca 312. The event attracts cyclists of all abilities, from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment unparalleled in the cycling world. Whether it's the personal challenge or the desire to meet the distance, the Mallorca 312 offers an absolutely unforgettable cycling experience. As one participant told us, “It’s not a race, it’s a festival”. All set amid the beautiful surroundings of the island of Mallorca.


Are You A Freerider Too?

Are You A Freerider Too?

Oct 11, 2023 Shopify API
We make cycle clothing for the riders who look up. But who exactly is the Parietti Freerider? Join us and find out that freeriding is about much more than just creating premium, responsibly made cycle clothing. 
Sa Calobra by Leonard Von Bibra

Mallorca Cycling Routes

Feb 16, 2023 Shopify API

Designed by our hero and inspiration, pioneering Mallorcan engineer Antonio Parietti. This iconic road has long given us the freedom, challenges and adventure we live for, we’ve created routes for 4 more of Snr. Toni’s finest roads.