Our Top 4 Alternative Climbs In Mallorca. 

Sa Calobra might be Snr. Parietti’s most famous route, with its 26 hairpin bends and the emblematic tie knot in the shape of a P (P for Parietti surely). Coiled in the Tramuntana mountain range, in the northwest of the island, lies the Sa Calobra Serpentine road. Built in 1932 by the man who needs no introduction - Antonio Parietti, it is undoubtedly his masterpiece.
Length: 150.3km // Ascent:  680m // Time: 6hrs 43m

Cap Formentor
Often described as the most beautiful 35km of tarmac in Europe, with jaw dropping views, is a sensational route to the iconic lighthouse at the end of the Formentor peninsula. Here’s our suggestion for a Big Day out to the lighthouse and back, that also features a monument to the maestro himself, Antonio Parietti. So you stop, say Gràcies Toni and pay your respects to this unsung hero of our island and dare we say our sport. 
Length: 170km // Ascent: 1625m // Time: 7hrs

Puig de Randa
The panoramic view from the top, alongside the 13thC Monastery, is an absolute highlight. Probably the most popular climb outside of the Tramuntana.  
Length: 77.5km  //  Ascent: 841m  //  Time: 3hrs 15m 

Puig de San Salvador 

Another monastery ride with equally spectacular views, including two incredible monuments, the Creu de Sant Salvador and the 7m high Cristo Rei cooper statue atop the Santuari de Salvador.  
Length: 58km  //  Ascent: 238m  //  Length: 2hrs 25m 

Puig Major
The only Hors Category climb in Mallorca, winding its way up from Soller for nearly 14km at an average of 6%. Antonio Parietti even attempted to build a cable car up to the top but the project never got off the ground. Literally. He was instrumental in designing the road from Lluc to Soller, so here’s a stunning loop that takes in this entire stretch. 
Length: 113km  //  Ascent: 1775m  //  Time: 4hrs 40m  

There you have it – The Parietti Big 5. One down but still so much magnificent road for you to get outside set yourself free and ride unrestricted in nature on the roads that inspired us.

Let us know your favourite.

Gràcies Toni!


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